We implement ISO9001: 2008 quality management standards, and the basis has established the perfect customer service system.In the new market pattern, company in ponder earnestly and optimization based on the level of service, continue to provide excellent service, carries out the following service tenet:
♦ Take the customer as the center, take customer satisfaction as the yardstick to measure all work;
♦ Perfect service network, provide specialization, standardization and diversified services;
♦ To provide continuous, efficient, quick service and to create high-quality "Hisun" service brand;
     From the early customer products design products to specification confirmed, samples of evaluation, from the technical support to before the product sale of after-sales service, we stand on the customer's position, to ensure customer's long-term interests, realize customer, the customer's customer win-win.Through the long-term effort to make the company's service network have provide specialization and standardization service ability.

Our services include pre-sale service and after-sales service.
Pre-sale service Project is as follows:
1. The customer demand survey and the forecast.
2. Communicate with customers fully, sure customer requirement.
3. Provide customer need samples and technical data.
4. Provide other services, for example, packaging design, client test, battery technology support, battery knowledge training, etc.
After-sales service Project is as follows:
1. Feedback information processing: 24 hours response customer feedback.
2. Commissioned battery test and provide relevant technical reports.
3. Provide relevant battery performance and use of the training.
4. Annual customer satisfaction survey.




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